November 9, 2007

International Year of the Reef Update

The International Year of the Reef is building a lot of momentum, and 2008 is not even here yet! The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association show in Orlando, for instance, proved to be a great venue to reach out to dive companies. Reef Check contacted most exhibitors to invite them to participate, and many expressed an interest to learn more or get involved.
In addition, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), the communications firm SQN and the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Education & Outreach Working Group are finishing a campaign that will generate consistent messaging materials. Groups participating in IYOR 2008 are expected to adopt these messages and adapt them to their projects. An electronic version will be available for all U.S. groups involved.
Another wonderful resource is the International Year of the Reef song. Reef Check and Body Glove are working on a plan to incorporate the song into school programs. Kids can learn about coral reefs as they sing along. A package is now available that contains the lyrics and lead sheets, as well as a CD and DVD. If your school is interested in participating, contact us at To listen to the song go to