July 25, 2008

International Year of the Reef July Update

By U.S. NGO Facilitator for IYOR 2008 Mary Luna
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is hosting the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona on October 5 -14, 2008. During this congress, IUCN will celebrate the IYOR by highlighting coral reefs and oceans, and will show short movies about these. If you would like to contribute footage for this event on any of the following categories, please contact info@iyor.org. A script is available upon request and all contributors will be acknowledged:

Coral bleaching
Coral acclimatization
Zooxanthellae clades
Herbivory and resilience
Reproduction and connectivity
Coral morphology
Shading and screening
Water movement
Resilience-based management

The Ultimate Diver Challenge will be held on the beautiful island of Cozumel August 2 – 9, 2008. During this event, divers will compete to earn the title of “Ultimate Diver” and the great prizes associated with it. In celebration of the IYOR, the organizers are joining forces with IYOR Mexico and Reef Check to increase diver awareness. To learn more and to sign up, please visit www.ultimatediverchallenge.com.

Reef Check’s International Photo Contest,What Do Reefs Mean to You?”, is now running! Remember to submit your photos and invite your friends to participate. Entries must be in by August 31! The goal of this contest is to celebrate the beauty of reefs and raise awareness through inspiring images. Please visit https://reefdpd.wpengine.com/photo_contest/rc_photo_contest_vote.php to check out entries from all over the world.