April 25, 2008

International Year of the Reef April Update

This month’s update features news from around the globe:

Reef Check Madagascar (RCM) will soon celebrate IYOR 2008. In an effort to promote reef conservation through music among local students, RCM will translate the Year of the Reef Song into Malagasy. In addition, they will hold workshops in the localities of Imorona, Voloina, Maroantsetra, and Anjahana during May and June. Further, a coral reef monitoring training will be held, and 16 agents of the local Marine Protected Area will be certified. Another teaching session on the biology of coral reefs and their ecological importance is scheduled for tour guides.

Central Sulawesi is holding the Togean Festival from July 23rd-27th. The festival will celebrate reefs and IYOR 2008 with film and photo contests, and other fun activities.
Italy is also leading the way with IYOR activities, and Reef Check coordinators there are working hard to promote the Declaration of Reef Rights locally and across the European Union.

We are also busy promoting IYOR here at headquarters. Reef Check has been participating in Earth Day events to spread the word about IYOR in California, including Diver Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Earth Day on the Promenade in Santa Monica, and the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. Another awesome event was the Green Living Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center on April 12-13. Reef Check shared booth space with Florida-based Earth Rehab, and collected hundreds of signatures for the Declaration. 

On the fine art side, artist Troy Hotard finalized his IYOR painting titled “Bringing the Light.” He now plans to visit several locations around the world to promote reef conservation through his art. Another artist, Ana Bikic, held an Earth Day event celebrating IYOR 2008 that included signing of the Declaration and hands-on activities for kids.

For more information on IYOR events, please visit https://reefdpd.wpengine.com/involved/iyor.php and www.iyor.org. Visit our photo gallery to view pictures from these and other events, and our Forum for a calendar of events and articles on IYOR 2008.