April 21, 2017

Friend of Reef Check Murdered in the Philippines

By Gregor Hodgson, Reef Check Foundation Executive Director

Stuart Green, originally from England, served for 3 years as Reef Check's Program Manager for a major international project with the goal of formally introducing reef conservation practices and certifying the marine aquarium trade. Stuart managed project implementation in numerous collection sites in Indonesia and the Philippines, a complex task that Stuart managed effectively and with good humor. As a former volunteer in the Philippines he speaks fluent Cebuano. Stuart had married a prominent attorney Mia Mascariñas-Green from Bohol in the central Philippines, and set up a home there. The couple had a 10 year old daughter and twin boys aged 2.

Mia was renowned for taking on difficult environmental cases. She defended Reef Check Philippines free of charge when a frivolous employment lawsuit was filed against Stuart, saving the organization thousands of dollars.

An unimaginable tragedy occurred on February 15th 2017, when gunmen blocked Mia's car on the way to drop off their 3 kids at school, and assassinated her, firing 28 shots none of which miraculously hit the children in the back seat. The killers have been identified and are on the run. More details of this horrifying incident are given in the news article below:


Stuart has moved the kids back to England, and friends have set up an education fund for his children. I would encourage friends of Reef Check to support this fund so that Stuart's kids will have a clear path to university. No amount is too small.

To donate: https://www.youcaring.com/zoeziaandelimascarinasgreen-766914