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EcoDiver Training Facilities

The following facility or trainer offers courses as part of the Reef Check EcoDiver program. Become an EcoDiver and monitor the world’s coral reefs!
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Training Facility: Environmental Research Institute Charlottesville
Email: ericecologist@eric-tobago.org
Email 2: ericexpeditions@eric-tobago.org
Website: http://www.eric-tobago.org
Course Cost: 250
Private Course Offered?: Y
Minimum Class Size: 1

Training Facility: Lanya Fanovich
Email: lfanovich@gmail.com


Second and third Tuesday of every month

$699 (one week) or $1099 (two weeks)

The Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC), Tobago, is the centre for Reef Check in Trinidad and Tobago and a not-for-profit organisation committed to an integrated community and ecosystem-based management approach for Northeast Tobago. An important component of the work programme at ERIC is establishing a baseline and subsequent on going monitoring of the coral reefs of the region to facilitate effective reef management plans.

Northeast Tobago comprises a diverse range of ecosystems that in turn support a globally valuable level of biodiversity in terms of at risk and endemic species, migratory, iconic and commercial species, including the IUCN critically endangered hawksbill turtle and the EDGE-recognised Montastraea coral. A one or two week Reef Check EcoExpedition is your opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the development of conservation management in Tobago. Working alongside the marine biologists at ERIC you will attain your Reef Check EcoDiver certification before carrying out daily Reef Check surveys in the area as well as exploratory research dives to help build a comprehensive understanding of the status of the local reefs.

Additionally, you may have the opportunity to take part in a visit to our tropical forests and engage in marine bird monitoring at one of the largest colonies of magnificent frigatebirds in the Caribbean, as well as attending evening presentations on topics of ecological and conservation interest. As the only operator of Reef Check EcoExpeditions in the Caribbean we offer you a unique opportunity to visit an area of the region that embodies and retains its traditional and pristine nature.

For more information visit www.eric-tobago.org or email ericexpeditions@eric-tobago.org




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