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EcoDiver Training Facilities

The following facility or trainer offers courses as part of the Reef Check EcoDiver program. Become an EcoDiver and monitor the world’s coral reefs!
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Training Facility: Divers Baros Maldives
Contact: Karin Spijker, manager/owner
Address: Baros Maldives
Address Line 2: North Male Atoll
Phone: 009607604564
Email: dive.manager@baros.com
Email 2: dorp41@hetnet.nl
Website: http://www.baros.com
Private Course Offered?: Y
Minimum Class Size: 2

Training Facility: GEMANA
Contact: Shaha Hashim, Lead Volunteer
City: Hulhumale
Phone: +9609692409
Email: gemana.ngo@gmail.com
Email 2: a.shaha.hashim@gmail.com
Course Cost: Depends on the group size
Private Course Offered?: Y
Minimum Class Size: 4-6

Training Facility: Reef Check Maldives
Contact: Rafil Mohammed & Ibrahim Shameel
Email: reefcheckmaldives@gmail.com
Website: http://www.reefcheckmaldives.org


August 28 – September 3, 2021

€2480 (approx. £2246 | US$2781 | AU$4046)

This marine volunteering expedition with SCUBA diving will take you to the beautiful 26 coral atolls that make up the Republic of Maldives. Based on a very luxurious and modern liveaboard yacht, you will help marine biologists study and protect the Maldives’ spectacular coral reefs and resident whale shark population. All this because the Maldives government identified a need for further research and monitoring work as far back as 1997. Biosphere Expeditions is addressing this need with your help and will train you as a Reef Check EcoDiver. With this qualification you will then gather important reef and whale shark data.

For more information about the Maldives EcoExpedition and how to sign up, please visit:





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1998 12
2001 10
2005 4
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2007 15
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