December 23, 2010

CoReMo Launches New Software

\"\"The CoReMo project (for Coral Reef Monitoring) recently launched a new version of its software, CoReMo 3. The software is designed to enable scientific and non-scientific operators to monitor coral reef health and provides a common database for all stakeholders in charge of reef monitoring activities, including the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN), Reef Check, and IFRECOR (French Coral Reef Initiative).

CoReMo 3 was designed to develop simple, effective, standardized protocols to monitor benthic populations (fixed and mobile fauna), fish and stress indicators. The protocols are adapted to the local operators’ level of expertise (Basic, Intermediate or Expert). There are forms for entering, consulting, modifying and exporting field data and data analyses in the form of charts and tables.

The CoReMo project is developed by ARVAM and funded under an agreement with IFRECOR, Réunion Regional Council, and the European Union with additional support from CRISP. For more information, visit