To become a certified Reef Check Kelp Forest Monitoring volunteer you must:

  • Show proficient diving safety, navigation, and buoyancy skills
  • Pass knowledge review test with a score of 85% or higher (take home)
  • Pass timed species ID tests (kelp, invertebrate, and fish) with scores of 85% or higher
  • Pass field evaluations with a small margin of error for each type of transect*

*Note: It is possible to become certified for some types of transects while other types will need to be practiced throughout the sampling season until proficiency is reached. Transect types: Kelp, Invertebrate, Fish, and Substrate Description (UPC)

Sample Reef Check Kelp Forest Monitoring Training Schedule

The Reef Check class consists of four roughly ninety-minute Zoom calls a week apart focusing on discussion and interactive activities. Between weekly calls, you will be required to complete a range of homework assignments including reading the manual and practicing with flashcards, watching recordings of lectures, and completing quizzes. 

This is followed by one or two field weekends where you’ll get in the water and practice putting your newly acquired identification and scientific survey knowledge to the test!