April 28, 2022

Bruce Zaretsky Art Proceeds to Benefit Reef Check Foundation

Beautiful Extinction: Reef Madness

Bruce Zaretsky is many things— a landscape designer, a builder of healing gardens, a talented painter, and a conservationist. A lifelong New Yorker, Bruce has always had a deep respect and admiration for the natural world and all its inhabitants. As he explored the natural world, he learned more about the threats facing our precious ecosystems and came up with a very creative way to use his unique talent to shine a light on the planet’s perils through his series Beautiful Extinction. With subjects ranging from polar bears to bees to birds to the charismatic megafauna of Africa, Bruce has no shortage of inspiration. Bruce has generously committed a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each piece in the series to an organization dedicated to conserving the subject of the painting. Reef Check was honored to be the beneficiary of the proceeds from Beautiful Extinction: Reef Madness pictured above. The piece serves as both a warning and a reminder of what could be for coral reefs, depending on the decisions we make. We invite you to visit Bruce’s website to see more of his pieces and reflect on their message. We are so grateful to Bruce for reaching out to us and supporting Reef Check with his time, talent and treasure— thank you, Bruce!
BruceZaretskyArt.com / ZaretskyAssociates.com