January 7, 2008

British Embassy in Santo Domingo Supports Coral Reef Conservation Efforts in the DR

Through its Bilateral Project Budget, the British Embassy in Santo Domingo has signed a co-operation agreement for the conservation of the coral reefs of La Caleta National Park, implemented by Reef Check Dominican Republic and the Ministry of Environment.
This agreement is part of the Embassy’s 2008 objective to achieve climate security by promoting a faster transition to a sustainable, low carbon global economy and to support Dominican efforts on Climate Change, especially carbon reduction. With this agreement, the Embassy will donate approximately US$30,000 for Reef Check to install a buoy system at La Caleta dive sites, preventing the destruction of the reef due to the use of boat anchors. Demarcation buoys will delimit the MPA boundaries facilitating the protection and restoration of these important ecosystems that are being greatly affected by climate change. The installation process will begin during March/April 2008. The British Embassy and Reef Check are working together to solve local problems with global consequences.
For more information, please contact RC Dominican Republic at info@reefcheckdr.org