March 30, 2009

Become A Coral Reef Surveyor For Reef Check Australia!

Reef Check Australia has announced their training schedule for 2009 and is looking for volunteer coral reef surveyors! Join Reef Check Australia and take your scuba diving experiences to the next level:

• Become part of the community of coral reef surveyors.
• Learn how to monitor coral reef health.
• Improve your underwater knowledge and skills.
• Build your diving experience, log lots of dives.

Some training costs are involved, but once qualified, you can participate in free survey expeditions.

Trainings are scheduled for the following regions:
South-East Queensland (Sunshine and Gold Coast): June 2009
Townsville: September 2009
Cairns/Port Douglas: October 2009

Trainers’ Course: Are you an experienced dive instructor with a degree in marine biology or extensive knowledge of marine fauna? Join the Trainers’ course later this year (dates TBA)!

Contact or call (07) 4724 3950 for more information.