May 20, 2008

Author Will Donate Proceeds from Book to Reef Check


Canadian author Maida Hewton will donate a portion of sales from her newly released book, Double Up, to Reef Check. Debuting on June 2nd, Double Up is the first in a series of Jordan Fisher Adventure novels by Maida Hewton:

Follow Jordan Fisher in the fast paced action adventure as she takes on her first assignment with NETT, where she must draw on her multitude of life experiences and skills to complete her task. However, the adventure goes awry. Who’s to blame? Jordan needs to find out quickly as a young girl’s life may depend on it.

In the book, Maida Hewton draws upon many facets of her own life including scuba diving, power boating and her love of travel.
Visit to order the book today. Double Up can also be purchased online.