August 21, 2013

A Successful Survey for Reef Check Sayulita


EcoDiver Octavia Jolley sent us this summary of a recent survey completed by the Reef Check Sayulita team in Mexico.

Diving conditions were close to perfect, with the exception of an immense amount of jellies, for our summer Bahia de Banderas Reef Check survey dive on June 12, 2013 at The Embarcadero at the Marietta Islands. With clear skies and excellent underwater visibility, it allowed for an easy descent to place the 100 meter line and for each team to successfully complete their tasks. Overall, the team noticed an abundance of large schools of young fish, and numbers of larger sized individual fish including Reef Check Eastern Pacific indicators Hogfish, Hawkfish and Grouper.

There were various clusters of coral, which appeared to be healthy and devoid of damage, despite the heavy recreational activity in the area. There were healthy populations of Sea Fans, Black Sea Urchins, Collector Urchins and Pencil Urchins, also Reef Check indicators. As we were ascending, we were rewarded by a visit of several squid at the end of the 100 meter line.

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