A Year in Review

This has been by no means an ordinary year! We hope you are all safe and healthy during such difficult times. Despite all the uncertainty and complications of bringing people together, we are proud of what we have been able to achieve this year here in California and with our teams around the world. Be sure to click below, where we share a few of our successes with you. 

We could not have done this work without you. Please help us to continue our work into the future by ending 2020 with a donation to Reef Check. Your generous contributions make our work possible. We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and healthy New Year.

California’s Changing Ocean: Curious Observations in 2020

This year marked a number of significant observations in California’s kelp forests, providing direct evidence of a changing ocean. Reef Check staff and volunteers observed the spread of the devil weed, Sargassum horneri, the resurgence of Pacific Barracuda, and range expansions of the Crowned Urchin and Finescale Triggerfish, along with the persistence of sea star wasting disease.

Reflections from a Volunteer Coordinator: My 1st Field Season with Reef Check

Dillon Dolinar reflects on his first field season as Reef Check California’s Southern California Volunteer Coordinator. Despite a most unusual year full of coronavirus adaptations, Dillon was introduced to the incredible work ethic, grit, and determination of our Reef Check volunteers and experienced firsthand what a difference a Marine Protected Area can make.

Video Spotlight: 
RCCA: 2020 Coast to Coast

This year, Reef Check California’s Citizen Scientists surveyed over 100 sites along the California coast to collect data for our long term monitoring program. This video contains footage and photos captured by our staff and volunteers during a few of their survey dives. Experience the wonder of the kelp forests and rocky reefs from our North, Central and Southern California regions.

Reef Check in Jamaica: A Long-Term Management Success Story

From its start in 2001 with a team of volunteers, Reef Check in Jamaica has evolved to become part of the government’s annual assessment of Jamaica’s coral reefs. Data collected has been used to inform the development and implementation of sustainable coral reef management programs.

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