March 1, 2006

May 11-18, 2006: Red Sea EcoExpedition

RED SEA: May 11-18, 2006

Experience the Red Sea in the best way possible. A one week liveaboard safari with the “Ghazala  I” in the Northern Red Sea. Enjoy the colorful soft-corals, fascinating variety of fishes and with some luck even sharks and manta rays may be encountered. A special extra on this safari is that you will be accompanied by marine biologists. Under their supervision and using the system of “Reef Check” the divers will learn how to estimate reef damage and growth, fish population and the connection of the reef, their inhabitants and the influence of men. The information gained is important to estimate the coral reef situation around the world. Scientists, the skipper and the participants coordinate when and where to schedule the  dives. During the first two days you will be introduced to the methods of Reef Check. After that the actual screening of the reefs will be done. At the end of each day the Reef Check biologist will comment on the results of the dives and give a closer look into the complexity of the coral reefs. Even with one or two Reef Check dives each day there is still plenty of time for fun-dives and relaxation. The famous dive-sites in Ras Mohammed and Tiran are part of the itinerary. Sinai Divers will donate 10% of the earnings to Reef Check.

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