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Reef Check California 2006-2007
Citizen Monitoring to Improve Marine Conservation

  The Reef Check California 2006 - 2007 report summarizes the data collected by Reef Check California Certified citizen scientists at 48 sites ranging from Ft. Bragg to San Diego. The Executive Summary and report are available below for download.  
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Full report which includes the following content (36 pp.)

Download PDF Version Download File Size: 20MB

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Reef Check California
Background of Reef Check Foundation

2. Training and Data Collection Procedures
Survey Methods
Site Selection and Sampling Frequency
Selection of Target Species
Diver Training
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures

3. Partners

4. Statewide Results Trainings and Surveys
Training and Surveys
Survey Results

5. Case Studies
Catalina Island – A Tale of Two Sites
Reef Check California and the Marine Life Protection Act
Abalone at Stornetta Ranch

6. Conclusion

The Executive Summary which summarizes sections of the report (4 pages)

Download PDF Version Download File Size: 2MB

Appendix 1 --- Reef Check California Sites which includes summary graphs and information on each of RCCAs 48 survey sites

Download PDF Version Download File Size: 16MB

Appendix 2 --- Reef Check California Site Data which includes tables that include density and standard error for all surveyed species for all sites

Download PDF Version Download File Size: 1.4MB