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Dear Reef Check Supporter,

Thank you for your continued support of the Reef Check Foundation. As a non-profit organization, every single dollar donated and every hour of work done by our thousands of members and volunteers allow us to continue to fight for a healthy ocean and coral reefs. Since 2006, we have also included California rocky reef ecosystems and over the past two years, have trained over 250 volunteer citizen scientists to collect urgently needed data on species such as rockfish and abalone. We just released our report on the first-ever underwater survey of the coast of California by citizen scientists. In 2007, we achieved major successes in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia with new and improved marine protected areas.

Our work is not yet done, though. As you know, 350 million people depend directly on coral reef ecosystems for food and survival, while hundreds of millions more utilize them for tourism or simply respect and appreciate their existence. Marine organisms are one of the major sources of exploration for developing life-saving medications. Cytaradine, a powerful drug used to fight leukemia--a devastating cancer that disproportionately affects children, was developed from a Caribbean reef sponge and offers a perfect example of the present value of reefs and their potential future uses. We are at a crossroads in ocean history: one in which we alone decide the fate of our oceans and reefs. We can watch passively as reefs worldwide disappear before our eyes or we can take responsibility for our shared planet and take action to reverse the global decline of our reefs so that future generations may have the benefit of experiencing these natural wonders.  It is up to us. We must act now.

I would like to share with you the story of one person who, at just 13 years old has made protecting coral reefs her mission. Please take a moment to read the moving letter Annie Schwab composed about her coral reef experiences. I hope you are as impressed and inspired as we were by her commitment and belief that one person can make a difference.

Please join Annie and help Reef Check SAVE REEFS WORLDWIDE by supporting our efforts in research, education and conservation by making a donation or becoming a Premium member of the Reef Check Foundation. Your contribution of:

  1. $25 can provide 5 coral reef educational books for children in Mexico
  2. $50 purchases survey materials for an entire reef monitoring team in Thailand
  3. $100 can cover the cost of 1 reef survey trip in Malaysia
  4. $250 can provide security against poaching of coral reef fish at the La Caleta marine protected area in the Dominican Republic that is co-managed by Reef Check.

Thank you for considering our request, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Gregor Hodgson
Executive Director

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