Dear xxxxx

Thank you for your generous support of conservation for coral reefs and rocky reef ecosystems.
So many people like you came together this year with a shared sense of purpose and a
common goal: to save our reefs and oceans. And I could not be more grateful for your help or more proud of what we have accomplished together.

With your help, in 2010, Reef Check's volunteer citizen scientists were able to survey hundreds
of coral reefs in more than 60 countries and 80 sites along the coast of California. Our carefully
collected scientific data was used locally and nationally to help make important decisions regarding how to better manage coral reefs internationally and what areas in California need to be protected.

We also helped to design national marine monitoring programs in the British Virgin Islands and Brunei. And we continue to assist the government of Mexico to establish sustainable fisheries across three regions of the country.

Our education efforts helped create awareness for hundreds of children from tropical countries by showing them first hand – with a mask and snorkel – the beauty and importance of reefs.

We could not have done this important work without you!

The threats facing our reefs and oceans continue and our hard work has just begun. I hope I can count on you to make a special year-end gift to help support our work both here in California and worldwide.

Will you help?

Your gift today, either by making a donation or becoming a Premium member of the Reef Check Foundation, will help support our efforts in conservation, education, and research. It doesn't cost a lot to make a real difference:

• $25 can provide 5 children's books highlighting the importance of coral reefs around the world.
• $50 purchases survey materials for an entire reef monitoring team in the Caribbean.
• $100 can cover the boat cost for 1 diver's reef survey in California.
• $250 covers the cost of a kids training in Southeast Asia.

In these challenging times, we need your help more than ever. In the coming year, additional funding is needed to ensure we continue our work in California and around the world.


Dr. Gregor Hodgson
Executive Director

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