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A damaged reef can eventually regenerate itself, if the causes are stopped. But dead reefs are gone forever.

Most of us love to eat fish and shellfish - but many reef fish reproduce and grow slowly, so are easy to "fish out". Many fisheries are already depleted. At Reef Check, we "count fish" to keep track of fish populations. Your consumer choices make a difference! If the ocean temperature rises by just 2 degree Celsius, coral may be injured and die. Climate change could kill off coral reefs completely in as little as 50 years. Reef Check supports alternative energy and reduced greenhouse emissions - you can too.
Discharges of chemicals, sewage, fertilizer and sediments damage reefs. Reef Check promotes proper treatment of pollutants. Garbage that's left on the street washes into the sewers, and eventually into the ocean. Fish mistake trash for food, and eating it makes them sick - so please don't litter and remember to recycle! Fishermen in some countries use expolsives and poisons to easily kill or stun schools of reef fish, causing serious damage to coral reefs. Reef Check works to teach fishermen non-destructive fishing methods and provides job training such as for dive guides.

Reef Check is a nonprofit organization committed to protecting and rehabilitating reefs worldwide through Research, Education, and Conservation.
Every year, thousands of Reef Check volunteers are trained to monitor and manage their own reefs in over 90 countries and territories. The globally standardized results are used to help local park managers, national governments, and even the United Nations to track reef health. EcoDiver, a multi-level, interactive education and certification program for children and adults allows participants to learn all about reefs through self-guided learning or with the aid of a certified instructor. You can become a "citizen scientist" for a day! Our scientists and volunteers help to rehabilitate damaged reefs, manage existing Marine Protected Areas and to create new ones.
I am the future.

"I learned that we have coral reefs that can protect us from tsunamis, like an underwater wall around a castle!" I Gede Yogi Iswara

Bantul, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

"One time there was a big tsunami that came and knocked down all the houses and schools. I was really scared because we had to live in a tent instead of a real house.

I didn't know why there was a tsunami, but then my teacher gave me a comic book from Reef Check. I liked the pictures. It said that we have coral reefs underwater near our homes that can protect us from tsunamis- like a wall around a castle! But some of the reefs are dying because we are not taking care of them. The reefs need us to watch out for them, and not fish too much or break off pieces to sell, otherwise they will die. And if they die, then our special protection from the tsunamis won't be there anymore.

I told my mom, and didn't know about the corals. Now we all know the ocean is our friend, and we have to take good care of it."

What People Are Saying

"The results from Reef Check surveys are an important contribution to the scientific assessment of the world’s coral reefs and the search for solutions to the crises threatening them.”

Dr. Terry Done, Coral Reef Ecologist
Australian Institute of Marine Science

“Reef Check’s California Program provides a valuable tool to actively engage all ocean users in scientific monitoring of California’s rocky reefs. Scientific data generated by the program will help to effectively manage California’s rocky reefs for the use and enjoyment by future generations.”

Dr. Richard F. Ambrose, Director
Environmental Science and Engineering UCLA

“Reef Check has created a global coral reef monitoring program using a mixture of scientists and recreational divers that is providing coral reef managers in many countries with important and timely data.”

Professor Richard Kenchington
Chair of the Board of the International Coral Reef Action Network


January - December 2015

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