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  Through time, art has played an important role in provoking thought and generating dialogue. Such capacity to engage us in an entertaining yet educational process makes art a useful tool to generate environmental awareness. This process is exemplified by the Artists for Reefs who, through their work, seek to convey to the public the beauty and fragile nature of the ocean's reef systems, and the sheer wonder of discovery that human kind experiences when exploring reefs.

The original Artists for Reefs Gallery was established as part of the International Year of the Reef in 2008 through the hard work of Francis Staub, the ICRI Coordinator for IYOR, and Troy Hotard, an artist who donated funds and artwork to support the project. Then, as now, participating artists pledged to help fund reef conservation by donating a percentage of the cost of every item sold through the gallery. Your purchase of one or more of these unique art pieces will complete this effort.

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