Assemblymember Fong is a member of the Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, the Community College Caucus, the Democratic Caucus, and the Environmental Caucus.
Prior to being elected to the State Assembly, Assemblymember Fong served on the Foothill-De Anza Community College District Board of Trustees and the Foothill-De Anza Foundation Board of Directors, and served on the Board of the California Community Colleges Trustees. Assemblymember Fong was also a political science professor at Evergreen Valley College.

Assemblymember Fong is an activist for causes such as education, business, civil rights, affordable housing, and the environment. He is a founding member of the Asian Americans for Community Involvement, a Board Member for Sacred Heart Community Services, and a Board Member for the Community Housing Developers.

For his commitment and leadership, Assemblymember Fong has received many awards including: American Muslim Voice FoundationFred Korematsu Civil Rights Award 2011, California Society of Industrial Medicine & Surgery Liaison Award 2011, California Senior Legislature Legislator of the Year Award 2011, Chinese Historical & Cultural Project President’s Award 2011, South Bay Labor Council Warrior for Justice 2011, University of California Student Association Legislator of the Year 2011, California Community Colleges Board of Governors Legislator of the Year 2011, Faculty Association of California Community Colleges Legislator of the Year Award 2011, Campaign for College Opportunity Champion for College Opportunity Award 2010, California State Student Association Legislator of the Year Award 2010, amongst many others.

In addition, for his leadership on AB 376, the California Shark Protection Act, Assemblymember Fong has been awarded the 2011 Shark Steward Award by Sea Stewards and was Paw Pac’s Legislator of the Year 2011.
Assemblymember Fong holds two degrees from San Jose State University; a B.A. in Sociology and a M.P.A. Also, he holds a MAEd. from the University of San Francisco. He and his wife, Grace, are owners of the Flower Cottage in Sunnyvale. Paul and Grace have three children, Sean, Nicole and Sydney.