Save the Reefs, Save the Oceans Gala  
  On Friday, September 16, we will celebrate the important work of the Reef Check Foundation, on the sand, at the Jonathan Beach Club in Santa Monica. It will be a casual “toes in the sand” evening featuring never-before-seen footage from the world’s leading underwater filmmakers along with an opportunity to meet some of the thousands of volunteer divers who monitor these essential natural resources. The evening will also recognize the contributions of three “Heroes of the Reef” each having demonstrated an exemplary commitment to ocean conservation.  

  Honoring our Heroes of the Reef    
Poseidon Award – Howard & Michele Hall
For their extraordinary achievement in film and photography that has inspired millions around the world to appreciate and protect their oceans
Howard and Michele Hall are perhaps best known for their underwater IMAX films. In 1994 Howard directed the first underwater IMAX 3D feature, Into the Deep. In 1998 Michele produced and Howard directed the IMAX feature, Island of the Sharks, which was an enterprise of Howard Hall Productions.

Reef Stewardship Award – Wyland
For promoting the urgency of protecting and preserving the world's oceans, waterways and marine life through his artwork and the work of the Wyland Foundation
Marine life artist and conservationist Wyland has developed an international reputation for his commitment to marine life conservation, most notably through his monumental marine life murals, the Whaling Walls. Spanning thousands of square feet, these massive works of art expose more than one billion people each year to the thrilling diversity and beauty of life that exists below the surface of our ocean planet.


Save the Reefs Gala Honorary Committee:
Mel Herman, Kelly Hu , Gale Anne Hurd, Craig Levra, Steven Lippman, Greg MacGillivray, David Press, Valentina.

  For additional information please call Reef Check at 310.230.2371 or email