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What can you do as a certified Reef Check EcoDiver?  TONS!

By joining our Reef Check monitoring team, you can help monitor and track the world’s reefs.  Our reefs, both tropical and temperate, are in a state of crisis.  Reefs today look vastly different than they did only 30 years ago.  Big fish are scarce.  Some marine creatures have disappeared completely.  Over 45% of the world’s reefs are severely threatened by human activities including overfishing, destructive fishing, pollution and global warming.  People have caused these problems.  We can provide the solutions.  By becoming a certified Reef Check diver, you can help track the health of our reefs by participating in monitoring surveys and conservation worldwide. 

Reef Check conducts trainings in both tropical and temperate waters in multiple locations worldwide.  We currently offer two training programs, the Reef Check Tropical EcoDiver and the Reef Check California EcoDiver, as well as EcoDiver Trainer and EcoDiver Course Director options in the Tropical EcoDiver program. For more information, contact us at

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